Smart devices with
common sense.

We create smart devices and services
with an emphasis on humanistic design and
positive influence.

What we're working on

Gocap is the pen cap that automatically tracks insulin.

Automatic Logging

Gocap tracks every dose of insulin you take, straight from the injection pen — eliminating the need for a paper logbook.

Information reduces anxiety

The LCD screen on Gocap always shows the number of units and time since your last dose.

Better care

Syncs data in real time with healthcare providers, creating information streams where none existed before.

Coming soon

About Common Sensing

Biotechnology devices should do more than the bare minimum. They should be restorative and transformative, tearing down obstacles to our growth and productivity. We’ve joined forces to build them.

Core team members

Product development activity

197 Software revisions
277 Design iterations
160 User study sessions

Founded by MIT engineers

$1.5 million seed fund investment

First alpha prototype

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